Zero to Wordpress for $5

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Zero to Wordpress for $5

The Wantrepreneur
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A professional looking website in an hour for $5


Here's the deal - you've got a project you're working on, and you want to test interest with a basic website. Instead of forking out $100s or even $1000s for someone else to just get up and running, you can do it yourself, all for less than $5!

In less than an hour and for as little money as possible, I wanted to try and get a professional looking Wordpress site up and running.

I wanted it to be ready to be modified to suit a creator's needs, so as to be able to launch within hours of having an idea - rather than days or weeks. By the end of the next hour, you'll know how to do the following:

  • Get a Cheap Domain (The only cost!)
  • Get FREE Web Hosting
  • Install Wordpress for FREE
  • Access the Wordpress Control Panel
  • Using Wordpress as a Blog
  • Setup a Basic Wordpress Page

This proves that with a little bit of time and effort and an hour's worth of investing in your learning, you too can create a fantastic looking website for your project or business.

If you're wondering what is involved in getting a website setup, or how to get started with Wordpress, then this is definitely for you.

Wait, why are you even charging for this?

To be honest, I didn't want to, but it turns out that I can't upload more than 25MB of video without charging for the product. All I ask is that you pay a dollar, or whatever you feel a course like this is worth. I will never be upset for someone buying me a coffee or beer if you find this course helpful!

This video was awesome, but I want more!

Well I've got news for you kid...

Great news!

I will be releasing a much more comprehensive Wordpress video course covering all aspects of the technical elements and the the design elements involved in building a quality website in Wordpress, worthy of being used by top-paying clients.

I'll share the exact tools that I use, and the techniques:

  • Buying and managing a domain
  • Setting up enterprise-grade hosting
  • Installing & Configuring Wordpress
  • Building out your first site
  • Must have plugins
  • SEO
  • Security
  • Google Analytics

Once you've learned the basics of Wordpress, there's nothing stopping you from taking your newfound knowledge and building websites for your clients.

I want this!
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A video lesson showing you how to create a professional website with Wordpress in less than 45 minutes and for less than the cost of your coffee.

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